Hooded Man Robs several dunkin donuts in Rockland Massachusetts

October 16, 2013 Rockland Massachusetts (WCVB) – The most recent Dunkin’ Donuts robbery, which took place Tuesday night in Rockland, was captured on surveillance video.

A masked and hooded man ran across the parking lot and walked in from a side door. The store was open, but there were no customers inside.

The robber ambushed an unsuspecting employee, who was cleaning. The man, who was wearing black gloves and holding a gun, demanded money. He opened the first cash register himself. A second register was opened by an employee.

It’s similar to more than two dozen Dunkin’ Donuts robberies that have taken place in 16 towns.

Police from multiple agencies met in Norwood to share information. They’re trying to determine if the same bandit is responsible for all 24 Dunkin’ Donuts holdups.

“Certainly, the fact that multiple communities involved makes it difficult, but working together makes it easier,” Norwood Police Department Lt. Peter Kelly said.

Police are also investigating a robbery late Tuesday night at a Gulf gas station in Duxbury. It was held up by a gun-wielding, masked man less than two hours after the Rockland Dunkin’ Donuts robbery.

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