Serial-Rapist Search continues; Maurice Jennings in custody

October 11, 2013 Riverside California (KABC) — Police now believe there were two suspects behind a series of sexual assaults targeting massage parlors across several counties. One man is in custody, but they are still searching for a second suspect.

Maurice Jennings of Corona was arrested after police released suspect photos to the public. The 34-year-old has been charged in a 2008 robbery and sexual assault of three women in Riverside County and in a 2009 robbery of two women in Corona.

But DNA evidence collected from Jennings excluded him from five previous robberies and sexual assaults that were connected by DNA evidence.

Riverside police say they had previously believed they had just one suspect.

“In reality, we had two (suspects), and they were very similar in appearance,” said Riverside Police Det. Rita Cobb.

Police are seeking the public’s help finding the man that has been linked by DNA evidence to five massage parlor robberies and sexual assaults. They say they want to identify him and that he is a threat to public safety.

Police say Jennings and the DNA serial rapist not only appear to look the same, their methods are so similar that police aren’t ruling out they may know each other. Investigators say both men targeted massage parlors run by foreign nationals, robbed them at gunpoint and then sexually assaulted some of the victims.

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