Reginald Chance, charged – in the Brutal-Beating and Mobbing, of Alexian Lien

Reginald Chance, взимается – в ​​жестоком избиении и Mobbing, из Alexian Lien в Нью-Йорке

October 6, 2013 New York City, NY (WABC7) – This weekend, two bikers have been arraigned and charged, and more arrests are likely to come in the SUV incident on the West Side Highway.

Detectives at the 33rd Precinct are continuing their investigation and have released more photos of suspects wanted in connection to the assault.

Police say the men played a role in the assault of Alexian Lien last Sunday  a biker road rage incident that ended with Lien and his wife getting pulled from their Range Rover.

One of the main suspects in the case, 37-year-old Reginald Chance was arraigned in criminal court Sunday on charges of gang assault, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal mischief.

Chance can be seen in the YouTube video smashing the driver’s side window of the Range Rover with his helmet.

“We concede the criminal mischief. It’s obvious he overreacted, but the law does permit someone who is victim of an accident to attempt to get the identification of the motorist, and my client obviously overreacted in that manner,” said Chance’s attorney, Gregory Watts.

Watts contends his client did not beat up Lien.

“He did not assault anyone. He did not kick anyone or punch anyone, or did he authorize anyone to do any of those things,” Watts adds.

On Saturday, 35-year-old Robert Sims was also arraigned on charges of assault and weapons possession. Police say Sims is the biker who tried to pull open the driver’s side door to the SUV and fled up the West Side Highway.

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