Amy Tam-Liao 3-Year-Old Child, Allison Liao, was fatally struck by a SUV, in Queens

3-летнего азиатского ребенка, Allison Liao, был смертельно поражен внедорожник, в Квинс Нью-Йорка

October 7, 2013 Queens, New York(WABC7) – A 3-year-old Queens girl was killed Sunday evening when she was struck by a sport utility vehicle as she crossed a street with her grandmother, the police said.

The accident occurred at about 5:30 p.m. at Cherry Avenue and Main Street in Flushing, near the Queens Botanical Garden. The girl, Allison Liao, was pronounced dead at New York Hospital Queens.

The driver of the vehicle, a 2000 Nissan, was trying to make a turn at the corner when the accident occurred, the police said. The driver remained at the scene until the authorities arrived, the police said, adding that the investigation was continuing.

The girl’s grandmother was not hurt.

Allison lived about three miles from the intersection. The girl’s mother, Amy Tam-Liao, is a community organizer at Queens Community House, according to a neighbor.

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