Off-Duty Police Officers Among Bikers in Alexia Lien’s Brutal Beating

October 5, 2013 NEW YORK (WABC) — Eyewitness News has learned that among the bikers on the Henry Hudson last weekend, were five off-duty NYPD officers.

Sources say at least two detectives witnessed the attack on Alexian Lien and did not directly intervene. And investigators are still working to determine what role, if any, was played by the other three officers.

What is clear, sources say, is that the men did not begin to come forward until late Wednesday, four full-days after the incident.

And detectives are also investigating reports that several others in the group may have been off-duty New York City correction officers.

An undercover detective has informed Internal Affairs that he was present at the time of the confrontation.

The undercover narcotics detective, himself a motorcycle rider, was off duty. Official sources say he did not get involved because he did not want to blow his cover. Internal Affairs is now investigating. The undercover detective is being advised by an attorney.

Also Friday night, 38-year-old Reginald Chance of Brooklyn turned himself in to police and is in custody. Detectives believe he used his silver helmet to smash the driver’s side window of the victim’s SUV. However, his role in the actual assault of the driver is unclear.

On Saturday, police released photos of another suspect they want to speak to about his possible involvement in the incident.

Earlier Friday, the biker who allegedly opened the SUV’s door at one point during the chase was taken into custody.

35-year-old Robert Sims, who grabbed the SUV’s door at 5:05 seconds into the YouTube video, surrendered to police in Brooklyn.

Detectives are also looking at about a half dozen other bikers who may have had a role in the assault of the driver. Some have already been interviewed by investigators after being identified by video and photographs that have been coming in. Investigators are interviewing as many motorcyclists as possible to determine their roles before filing charges.

“This is a complex investigation with a lot of people involved,” a source said.

Dayana Mejia cried during a press conference in New York City. Mejia says her partner and a biker left paralyzed in the confrontation, 32-year-old Edwin Mieses Jr., is an adoring father to the couple’s two children.

“I love him so much it tears me up that anyone could think that Edwin in any way deserves what happened to him,” she said.

Mejia says the people who participated in the motorcycle ride are “not thugs.”

Gloria Allred, Mieses’ attorney, says he was trying to “calm people down” when the SUV hit him on Sunday.

Video shows the SUV surrounded by dozens of helmeted riders. The driver, Alexian Lien, drove through the crowd and struck Mieses.

Police want to speak with two bystanders about what happened, and they have released images of the witnesses.

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