Alexian Lien was Brutally Mobbed and Beaten by Minorities — Avoiding Conflict.

Disclaimer : I have nothing against Black or Hispanic People. I am attempting to show the hypocrisy of liberals, when they have no problem naming the demographics (race) of Zimmerman (he’s mixed race, with light skin), but jump me when I state the demographics of persons involved in the SUV incident.

This blatant attack on me exposes why hate-crime laws protect certain demographics from ridicule.

October 5, 2013 New York City, New York (ANN) – Alexia Lien was brutally beat and stomped by a massive mob of Hispanic and Black bikers. If the two individuals involved had not stopped the mob – they would have beat his wife.

Witnesses are now coming forward stating that Alexia Liens wife, was next.

Our system of political correctness makes it impossible to identify crimes committed by particular demographics. So many hate-crime laws make it impossible for people to speak-up — for fear of being arrested themselves. Our system needs to dump hate-crime initiatives and replace it with something fair, for all demographics – not just particular special interest.

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