Timmica Morton, Crime of Selling Fake Auto Insurance, in Detroit Michigan


October 4, 2013 Detroit Michigan (WXYZ) – A woman ripped off hundreds of people in metro Detroit by selling them a fake auto insurance policy.

Everyone knows how expensive auto insurance can be. So when 40-year-old Timmica Morton offered policies with a small down payment and small monthly payments for full coverage, hundreds of people bought the plan.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department said people bought bogus plans. The policies were fakes. Police said from May to June the Detroit woman sold more than 300 fake Ameriprise auto insurance policies to people in Detroit, Oak Park, Lincoln Park, Dearborn Heights, West Bloomfield, Grosse Pointe and Highland Park.

Police said Morton had a system. She used computers at Wayne State University where she worked as student assistant. Morton accessed insurance policy applications from the Ameriprise website and filled out the applications with false banking information. The university tells 7 Action News Morton mainly used her personal laptop but with their Wi-Fi.

Morton collected anywhere from $30 to $300 dollars in cash from her victims. One woman told police she paid Morton $175 for her son’s down payment.

Ameriprise figured out someone was ripping them off after their officials noticed a spike in new policies with false banking information. Then authorities tracked her through her Wi-Fi usage.

Deputies arrested Morton this week and she has been charged with four felonies and faces a fifth charge for being a habitual offender. This is her second offense.

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