Black Youths Charged with Mob-Action in Chicago

October 2, 2013 (RICHTON PARK, Ill.) (WLS) — One of 10 students allegedly involved in a fight at Rich South High School is charged as an adult. Crystal Gholson, 17, of Country Club Hills, appeared in court Wednesday in Markham.

Gholson and nine others are charged with felony mob action after a fight broke out between students at rival schools. Gholson, who attends Rich Central High School, is accused of striking another student multiple times during the brawl. Her family said if Gholson did anything in the incident, it was in self-defense.

“To the best their understanding, their children were placed in that situation by District 227. Their concern right now is finding out how all of this happened. And the focus seems to be on persecuting and prosecuting these children. They shouldn’t have been there in the first place,” R. Haley-Austin, defense attorney, said.

About 1,400 Rich Central students were sent to rival Rich South High School on Monday after a bomb scare at Rich Central High School. Police say a fight erupted between students from both schools. During that brawl, a fire alarm was pulled and three female students were trampled. They were all treated and released at the hospital.

That plan to combine the rival schools during an emergency is now under review, school officials said.

Gholson was released on a $20,000 I bond, which means no money technically had to be paid. The judge said she must maintain a C-plus average and attend school every day. She has not been expelled from Rich Central, her family said.

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