Jestin Joseph uses Mental Illness, as an Excuse to Murder People

September 27,2013 Fort Worth Texas (WJAA) – Davage Armstrong is living to talk about a moment he almost didn’t live through. And technically, he shouldn’t have.

On Tuesday night, he was inside a McDonald’s in the 4800 block of the South Freeway near the Interstate 20 and 35W interchange to order food. Then, police say, Jestin Joseph walked in.

“I saw the guy pull the pistol out and he was yelling, ‘Give me your keys, give me your money,'” Armstrong said. “I could hear the gun clicking… he was pulling the trigger. I was able to push him over and pin him against the wall.”

Police believe Joseph tried to fire the gun at least five times inside the restaurant, but somehow, it jammed.

So he ran outside, and was able to fire one shot into the air. But when he came back in, nothing.

“[He was] pulling the trigger towards me, but still, just clicking,” Armstrong said.

In a restaurant full of families and workers, the gun jams again. And 48 hours later, no one –– not even police –– can figure out why.

News 8 asked Joseph himself from jail and even he didn’t know.

“I’m not proud of what I did, but at the same time, I really feel like someone was after me,” Joseph said.

As for why he did it, Joseph told us he felt paranoid and snapped.

“A guy said something, he looked at me and I was like – I said, ‘Why y’all keep [expletive] with me?’ And I lost it,” Joseph said.

Had the weapon worked in the restaurant, this story would have been very different. Armstrong has no doubt what happened to that gun.

He says it was divine intervention.

“God, God. That’s all it was, was God,” Armstong said. “That’s all it could have been, an angel over me.”

Jestin Joseph is in jail on five charges of aggravated assault with a $500,000 bond. He said the gun belonged to a girl he used to date.

He also said he never experienced a mental breakdown like Tuesday’s before, and he may seek help if he’s diagnosed by a doctor.

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