Black Suspect, Robs Burger King, in Houston Texas

September 26, 2013 Houston Texas (KHOU) – Houston police were called to a northeast side gas station early Thursday after someone smashed into the locked store, startling a clerk.

Officers with the Houston Police Department said the incident happened around 4 a.m. at the Shell station in the 3600 block of Will Clayton Parkway.

A clerk in the store said someone smashed through a side glass door in the adjoining Burger King and ran through the restaurant and into the gas station.

Surveillance cameras captured the man running in, ducking behind the counter and then jumping over it. In the video he is seen rummaging around before he goes for the cash register. The robber used a crowbar to pry open the drawer, then grabbed stacks of money.  There were so many bills he couldn’t hold them all, and dropped cash on the floor. The video shows the man struggling to pick up the money and stuffing it in his pants before taking off running.

Police said the store’s main doors were locked, and the clerk was fixing a coffee machine at the time of the robbery. No injuries were reported.

“It’s alarming,” said frequent customer Donald Madison. “It’s alarming that these kinds of things are happening, but that’s the kind of world we live in.”

Police set up a search perimeter, but the suspect was not immediately located.

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