Diversity-Loving Liberals; force school children to act like slaves, in Hartford Connecticut

September 25, 2013 Hartford, Connecticut  (WFSB) – The Hartford, Connecticut school district is sending children on a field trip where they are forced to act like slaves while having racial slurs yelled at them and being chased through the woods.

Students are taught a largely fictional account of Antebellum slavery which serves to fuel hatred against whites and brow beat white students into feeling racial guilt.

In order to force children into accepting extreme left-wing dogma, far-left school teachers are literally trying to psychologically damage their students. Do not think that this is an isolated event. Schools have been conducting these outlandish “re-enactments” since at least the 1990s.

The school that is the subject of this report is 50% Hispanic, 25% black, and 25% white

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