Anti-fascists and Liberal Protestors show up at Craig Cobbs House in Leith, North Dakota

September 23, 2013 Leith North Dakota (KFYR) –  News outlets from across the country captured the confrontation that took place in Leith on Sunday between a white rights group and anti-racism protestors. Now, those images are also going viral thanks to the efforts of a New Leipzig man.

“I’ll post a lot of the photographs, and there’ll be no captions on them so that people from around the world I suppose you can say can see what went on here today,” says website creator and manager Greg Bruce.

Bruce created a website for Leith five days ago. It’s attracting a lot of attention from across the country and the world.

“[Sunday] morning it had about 4,000 hits, and I just found out now it has 6,000,” says Bruce.

Many of the online posts reflect the sentiments of the protestors that paraded through Leith on Sunday.

“This isn’t a black thing, this isn’t a red thing, this isn’t a white thing,” says protestor Chase Iron Eyes. “This is a hate thing and a respect thing.”

Bruce also started a Facebook page the morning of the protests. When he left his home to go to the Town Hall meeting and protests, 20 people liked the page. And by Monday, it had well over 500 likes.

Although Bruce posted pictures and videos from the events in Leith, he says the website will remain neutral.

“[Leith] wanted a defensive position to take to show people that they’re normal North Dakotans,” he says. “I won’t slant it one way or the other.”

Both sides of the issue say they are

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