Matthew Flugence Arrested for the Stabbing Murder 6 Year-Old Ahlittia North, in New Orleans

September 18, 2013 (WDSU) – Normand added that the knife Flugence was arrested with Tuesday night was the weapon used in the killing.

He was located in the 800 block of Victory Drive in Westwego and was initially taken to the parish’s detective bureau without incident.

Investigators had identified Flugence as a person of interest earlier in the investigation and formally named him the primary suspect on Tuesday afternoon. Officials said he also has been connected to a sexual assault on an 11-year-old girl.

His brother, Russell Flugence, was arrested Tuesday after sheriff’s officials determined he had withheld information in the murder case.

Matthew Flugence did not receive a bond on his first-degree murder charge and a $50,000 bond on his sexual assault charge. Russell Flugence received a $250,000 bond on his obstruction of justice charge.

North disappeared from her home over the weekend. Her remains were discovered early Tuesday morning in a trash receptacle nearby.

An autopsy determined she had been stabbed numerous times.

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