Brianna Jones shot in Chicago, by Gang Members


September 14, 2013 Chicago Illinois (WLSTV) –  A witness tells ABC7 the victim was caught in gang crossfire while walking with her mother who was carrying a baby. She is the second 14-year-old shot in Chicago since Thursday night. Both victims attend the same charter school, Ralph Ellison High School, on the South Side.

Another young face, another shooting victim. This time, friends and family say its 14-year-old Brianna Jones. She was shot in the Chatham neighborhood Friday afternoon near 79th and Vernon. The girl was rushed to Comer Children’s Hospital.

“I’ve been in that neighborhood a while, I didn’t know what was going in that neighborhood. I’m just glad my daughter is okay,” said Brianna Jones’ mother, who did not wish to be identified by name.

Chicago Police say Jones was shot in the leg near 79th and Vernon. It’s unclear what unfolded, but witnesses say she was caught in the crossfire.

“Some young men were starting to shoot at some young men over there, and those young men were trying to protect themselves and shot back. It was a horrible thing, that’s why this violence has got to stop,” said Ezekiel Israel, witness.

Jones was transported to Comer Children’s Hospital, where she is recovering from surgery, according to friends.

And she’s not alone. Another 14-year-old, Javier Cameron, is at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. He was shot near Sarah E. Goode Academy on Thursday night.

“He was shot in his lower right side of his back. The bullet hit his liver, his pancreas, stomach, and small intestine,” said Carmalita Rice, Cameron’s mother.

Cameron’s mother says two boys approached her son and asked if he was in a gang. One hit him, the other shot him. Police say the shooting was gang-related.

“I think they cowards. I know he might look older than his age, he’s only 14 years old, he’s not gang-affiliated,” said Rice.

“Nice young man, normal 14-year-old. I don’t know him to be in any trouble,” said Pastor Corey Brooks.

Both Cameron and Jones are expected to recover. Although they may be classmates, it’s unclear whether they know each other or not. No suspects have been arrested in either shooting.

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