Travis Baker shot Wendy Billups twice in the head, in Middlesex County, Virginia


September 11, 21013 Middlesex County, Virginia (WAVY10) – A father killed the mother of his children while visiting his toddler son on his birthday.

Travis Baker, 34, of Middlesex, VA., showed up at the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office Sunday just after 5pm. Between hysterical bouts of crying, he confessed to shooting Wendy BIllups, 33, in the head when she turned him away, causing him to ‘snap,’ – in front of their children.

Ms Billups had two young children with Mr Baker, reportedly her long-time boyfriend. They are both now in protective custody, according to WTVR.

Ms Billups moved into the house, in Saluda, VA., she was killed in just last week, family members told WAVY. She moved there to escape Mr Baker, who allegedly abused her for a long time, family members told the station.

‘When she tried to get out of the relationship, he didn’t want to get out,’ cousin Percy Lockley said, ‘he took matters into his own hands and killed her.’

Officials told WTVR that Mr Baker wanted to visit his young son, when Ms Billups asked him to leave he ‘snapped and shot her in the head.’

Mr Baker said he fired two bullets into his childrens’ mother as they watched, the official

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