Escaped Prisoner, Abraham Pearson, has been Captured

September 9, 2013 Detroit Michigan (WXYZ) – After stabbing a deputy with a homemade shank, stealing a vehicle, wrecking it, and taking off on foot, police finally caught up to Abraham Pearson after a day-long manhunt throughout the city, reported WXYZ.

Detroit Police arrested the suspect near Mt. Elliott Avenue and I-94 on the city’s east side around 10 p.m, according to WJBK-TV. The hunt for Pearson Monday night took police all over the city, as residents continually called dispatchers with reports that Pearson had been spotted.

According to the Detroit Free Press, a police spokesman said a tip from a citizen led police to Pearson.

“We were alerted to his presence by some citizens,” said Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon during a press conference Monday night. “We dispatched a car to the scene from the Detroit Police Department. After a short foot chase, he was arrested and brought back in custody.”

Napoleon said Pearson tried to escape from authorities again, but he wasn’t getting free this time. Napoleon said 11 more charges will be issued to the suspect when he is arraigned, including a habitual offender charge.

Pearson was originally identified under one alias that he has used, Derreck White.

Police confirmed to The Huffington Post that a deputy was stabbed at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in downtown Detroit around 8 a.m. The suspect stabbed the deputy in the neck with a homemade shank made from a plastic comb and escaped with his uniform through an unguarded courthouse door.

Deputy Harrison Tolliver, a retired Detroit Police Department officer who now works as a Wayne County Sheriff’s deputy, was overpowered by Pearson while freeing the inmate from his restraints inside the courtroom. Pearson was to be sentenced for multiple felonies.

After he escaped, Pearson carjacked Patricia Banford, who was in her van in a parking lot near the courthouse. He told her to leave her car.

“Ma’am, I don’t want to have to kill you, give me your keys,” she recalls him telling her. She gave him her keys and he drove away before crashing the vehicle nearby.

The Detroit News says that at least one person was arrested, after two were detained at a home near Burlingame Street west of Woodward Avenue who could be associates of Pearson’s. Earlier tips to Detroit dispatchers had police surrounding the neighborhood near the Burlingame address in search of Pearson, who had been reportedly spotted by residents on foot.

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