John Welden kills Remee Jo Lee’s baby, by slipping her Abortion Pill.

September 9, 2013 Tampa Florida, (ABCActionNews) – The man accused of tricking his pregnant girlfriend into taking a pill that caused her to lose the couple’s unborn baby was released from custody today under very strict house arrest conditions. He was released shortly after noon.

John Welden — who’s been in the Pinellas jail since mid-May — has been released with some rather stringent guidelines.

No one was answering the door this morning at the Welden Family home on Lutz Lake Fern Road and no one wanted to talk about his return.

A stealthy transfer that started this morning from the Pinellas County Jail — where Welden was being held under an assumed name for his own protection — was to be finally finished at the family’s Odessa home… and it became clear that the family did not want any further discussion of this case this day…

Welden, 28, will have some rather strict measures in place to ensure he doesn’t flee.  In addition to orders that he remain in the area, which includes staying in his bedroom and wearing an ankle monitor, Welden had to surrender his passport and hire a private security detail that will track his every move.

He’ll also be required to check-in with local pre-trial service agencies once a week, submit to random drug tests and have no contact, at all, with the alleged victim, Remee Lee.

Welden is charged with murder after allegedly switching labels on a prescription vial that contained cytotec — a drug used to induce labor and tricking the woman into taking it back in February.

Welden will have to stay at the home until that federal trial can begin.
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