SPLC’s Massive Budget, is a waste of Tax Payers money

Article : http://topconservativenews.com/2013/09/splc-victim-advocacy-is-like-really-bad-satire/

September 6, 2013 Montgomery, Alabama (CoCC) – SPLC’s massive $20 million dollar annual budget and and 70 member staff, they compiled 328 “hate incidents” for 2012.

Of these, 105 “hate incidents” where not actually “incidents.” They were legal developments related to incidents formerly covered. So that brings the list down to 223. Of that 19 incidents are things that are perfectly legal. So 8.5% of the “incidents” were not even crimes.

Another 99 were vandalism, so of them pretty minor acts of vandalism. That means 44.4% of the incidents they report are vandalism, but some of those acts of vandalism are hoaxes.

For example, the SPLC is reporting an act of vandalism for March 2013 that has been exposed as a hoax. Two radical left-wing activists, one a major campaigner for Barack Obama, were behind the “racist” vandalism. Yet, the SPLC still claims that it was a racially motivated “hate incident” as of September, 3rd, 2013. Many more of these vandalism “hate incidents” the SPLC reports are suspected hoaxes, but police never made a definitive ruling.

17 U.S.C. § 107

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