Daquan Breland and Daquan Wright are in Custody for the Murder of Antiq Hennis

September 6, 2013, Brownsville (WABC) – Police say two men are in custody in connection with the fatal shooting of a 1-year-old boy in Brooklyn over the weekend.

The funeral may be over, but the pain is still constant for the mother of 16-month-old Antiq Hennis.

Surrounded by family and friends Friday night, she struggled to understand.

“There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be here, didn’t give him a chance to live. Give him a chance! He’s one years old. And look, now he’s gone. Life cut short in an instant,” a family member said.

Meanwhile, in a small Pennsylvania town more than a hundred miles away, cops finally caught up to the two men they say murdered the little boy.

23-year-old alleged triggerman Daquan Breland and 19-year-old Daquan Wright, who cops say handed the gun to Breland.

Brooklyn detectives tracked them down in an apartment complex in Wilkes-Barre.

Police say the pair were really targeting Antiq’s father, Anthony Hennis, but missed. The bullet passed through the stroller he was pushing and hit his son in the face.

“It was a coward move and it just is what it is. They deserve anything they get behind it. Bottom line,” said Percy Gravenheise, the victim’s uncle.

There is anger at the two suspects, and at the baby’s father, who himself refused to cooperate with detectives.

Police haven’t said why he would have been targeted.

But as the investigation has continued, this was a night of grief and a night of disbelief.

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