Cynthia Littles-Irvin was Placed on Paid Leave Pending a Drug Case Investigation

September 5, 2013 Sanford Florida (WESHTV) – A Sanford Police Department officer is off the job, at least temporarily, Thursday as federal agents look into a drug case.

Sgt. Cynthia Littles-Irvin was placed on paid leave after someone she lives with was arrested in a five-month Drug Enforcement Administration investigation.

Littles-Irvin was not placed into custody and does not face any criminal charges.

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Damieian Tillman, 30, and another woman, 33-year-old Elizabeth Ann Taylor, were charged in connection with a prescription drug-trafficking ring in Seminole County.

According to DEA agents, Tillman sold 240 hydromotphone pills to undercover agents on four separate occasions.

An internal investigation is looking into whether Littles-Irvin had any involvement or knowledge of the illegal activity.

Littles-Irvin has been with the department since 1998.

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