3 Youths in Custody for the Murder of 7 Year-Old Girl, Desiree Macias, in Palmdale California

September 4, 2013 Palmdale California (KABC – FOXLA) – Desiree Macias’ family is heartbroken, as the 7 year old clings to life.  Neighbors and friends brought flowers and candles to show support.

Desiree Macias was shot in the head early Wednesday morning, and she is on life support.  Her mom took a photo of Desiree in the hospital.  Desiree’s mother is asking for prayers for the little girl.

Family members describe Desiree was a happy and healthy child.  Originally Desiree’s family was going to take her off life support Wednesday evening, because doctors declared her brain dead.  But then the family got a very small ray of hope.

“Tomorrow if her blood pressure is ok, it’s even, they’re going to study her brain to see if it’s at least functioning a little bit…  It’s hard, just devastating, it’s a desperate situation,” said Rosa Galvin, Desiree’s aunt.

The tests doctors want to perform on little Desiree Thursday morning are dangerous and her aunt says they require disconnecting Desiree from the machines that are keeping her alive, so there’s a chance the 7 year old may not even survive the tests.   But if she does, her mother will await the test results before deciding whether or not to keep her on life support.

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