Joe Perry Resists Arrest. Shoves Officer. Altercation Between Joe and Police becomes Intensified.


September 2, 2013 Attleborough Massachusetts (WCVBtv) – A violent confrontation Sunday between a man and at least four North Attleborough police officers was all caught on camera.

“They kept hitting him again and again trying to get his hands out,” said resident Kyle Barstow. He witnessed the incident and shot the cellphone video.

Barstow told NewsCenter 5 on Monday the incident began when the man, identified by a source as 21-year-old Joe Perry, of North Attleborough, came out onto the sidewalk in the area of 151 N. Washington St. after an argument with his girlfriend.

“He came outside and started hitting his head on a dumpster and started punching a guardrail,” Barstow said. “And the cops told him to stop.”

That’s when Barstow began recording the fight on his cellphone. Perry, at the beginning of the video, appears to shove one of the officers. Three, then eventually four of them, draw their nightsticks and begin striking him.

At one point, Perry appears to throw a punch.

“They beat him all over his body — his head, back, arms,” said a second witness who declined to give her name.

The officers eventually spray the man with pepper spray, causing him to fall to his knees. The video shows once he’s on the ground, Perry won’t put his hands behind his back, and at least one officer continues to strike him in the back with his baton.

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