1-year-old, Antiq Hennis, fatally shot in head, in Brooklyn New York

September 2, 2013 Brownsville New York  (WABC) — A one-year-old boy was fatally shot in the head in Brooklyn on Sunday evening.

The shooting occurred around 7:20 at the Marcus Garvey Complex in the Brownsville section.

Eyewitness News is told that an unfinished dispute broke out, and ended with gunshots. The bullet may have been intended for the baby’s father. Police report that the parents were trying to cross Livonia Avenue with their baby when someone pulled the trigger.

The boy, who was identified as Antiq Hennis, was transported to Brookdale Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Eyewitness News is told that Hennis was starting to talk and walk, and was starting to show such beautiful personality.

“He always played with the dog and everything else,” said the victim’s’ aunt, Cheryl Steele.

Community activist Willie Billips drove the young parents to the hospital to perform the horrible task of identifying Antiq.

“This senseless foolishness in Brownsville has got to stop,” adds Billips.

Residents have been calling community activists with leads and names, because this incident was one too many for the community to handle.

So far no arrests have been made, and the investigation is ongoing.

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