German Police Uphold Freedom Of Assembly – Removing 20 Anti Fascists in Dortmund


August 31, 2013 Dortmund Germany (RuptlyTV – RT) – Around 20 “anti-fascist” demonstrators created a blockade in a tunnel in Dortmund on Saturday in attempt to block the National Democratic Party march, scheduled to pass through the area. Police forced the group apart and arrested two of the AntiFascist protesters. The 300 strong, National Democratic Party march by Die Rechte (‘The Right’) went ahead after some short delays.

Die Rechte was founded in May 2012, with many members joining shortly after the German People’s Union merged with the National Democratic Party in 2011.

Anti-fa, the left-wing anti-fascists, plan a further opposition rally later on Saturday in a further attempt to disrupt the route of the National Democratic Party march.

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