Elena Adams Offers Investigator Jewelry, Stamps To Kill Husband in New York

August 29, 2013 (CBSNewYork) – A Manhattan woman was arrested on Thursday after she allegedly tried to pay to have her husband killed.

The would-be hit was supposed to go down on Sunday. Instead, Elena Adams, 57, was arrested in Sheepshead Bay after a meeting with an undercover investigator to allegedly discuss the murder of her husband, Irving Adams, CBS 2′s Tracee Carrasco reported

Adams avoided cameras and questions as she was led out of the 61st Precinct after hours of questioning.

The Battery Park City woman planned to have lunch with her husband on Sunday near Avenue Z and East 11th Street in Brooklyn, according to police.

The plan was for the couple to cross the street after eating, at which point the hit man would hit Irving with his vehicle and flee the scene, police said. Irving would be killed in the hit-and-run and Elena would be able to collect his accidental death insurance money, according to authorities.

Adams gave the investigator a picture of her husband, jewelry, and a stamp collection valued at $60,000 moments before her arrest, police said.

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