Malik Anderson murdered Daquan Crump over Playstation 3, in Somerton

August 29, 2013 Philadelphia (WPVI) – A Philadelphia teen was arrested Wednesday for allegedly shooting his friend multiple times in the head over a stolen video game console.

Malik Anderson, 18, and Daquan Crump, 19, originally conspired to steal another friend’s Playstation 3 together, MyFoxPhilly reports. But after Crump went ahead with the scheme alone and sold the gaming device for $60, police say Anderson lured Crump to a demolition site and fatally gunned him down.

After the first shot, “[Anderson] stood over … his longtime friend and fired nine more times, shooting him in his head and killing him.” Philadelphia Police Homicide Cpt. James Clark told NBC Philadelphia.

A construction worker discovered Crump’s body on Aug. 19, shortly after the violent incident, WPVI reports.

“In their mind, this is worth a human life,” Clark said. “Because I didn’t get a cut of a $60 profit from a used PlayStation game I’m gonna stand over top and shoot a kid that I’ve been friends with since I was 10, 11 years old. It’s really unconscionable and it’s just very, very sad and very tragic.”

Police say they found Anderson’s .22 caliber automatic handgun inside his refrigerator.

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