Kareem Maluti Cousin and Police; Standoff with Black Youths Ends, after Detroit Home Invasion


August 29, Detroit Michigan (WXYZ) – A police standoff has ended on Detroit’s southwest side.

Police say it started before three  this morning when a mom, dad, and two little girls got a terrifying shock. Three armed guys suddenly  invaded their home.

When police got there  the family was being held hostage.

Finally suspects said they would release the ‘family. That’s when police say a bad guy tried something that probably only works in movies. He pretended to be a hostage.

That suspect was arrested.  A second soon surrendered.  The third remained holed up in the house.

The sounds of tear gas bombs could be heard going off periodically as police worked to bring the standoff to an end on Central Street near Lafayette.

Police had the house surrounded and the DPD armored vehicle was called in.

After 8 hours of failed negotiations, police used a boom on the armored vehicle to get into the house and arrested the final suspect.

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Standoff ends after family held during Detroit home invasion, Detroit, Michigan, Shooting, Kidnapping,


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