Jorge Rodrigo Lopez Chinchilla, defrauded victims, by acting as an attorney, for Illegal Aliens

August 27, 2013 Indianapolis Minnesota  Marion Prosecutor Terry Curry filed charges Tuesday against an Indianapolis man accused of defrauding Latino families in several immigration cases.

Curry says Jorge Rodrigo Lopez Chinchilla defrauded victims by acting as an attorney and taking payment for services which were not rendered.

His charges include four counts of forgery, a Class C felony; five counts of theft, a Class D felony; and corrupt business influence.

Court documents say he posed as an attorney and took money from four families in order to represent them in federal immigration cases. He also provided fraudulent documents, claiming them as receipts for his work, documents say.

Chinchilla is accused of accepting money intended to pay bonds for people being held by immigrations in Chicago. In another case, a woman paid him to intervene in her husband’s deportation. The man was deported and Lopez refused to refund the money.

Court documents say Lopez also received cash from an undercover officer to remove an immigration hold on someone who was being held in the Marion County Jail. That person was transported to another facility and never received the bond money.

Lopez identified himself as a pastor at Iglesia De Cristo Nuevo, according to court documents. He used a bank account in the organization’s name to deposit funds from the victims. The church was where he collected money from the victims.

The investigation began last September.

Lopez was released on bond. He had an initial hearing Tuesday morning in Marion County.

Anyone who believes they may have been defrauded by Lopez should contact Marion County Prosecutor’s Office Director of Latino Affairs, Maria Wildridge at 327-5293.

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