Cross dresser, Heidi Glum: Confrontation with Minorities over Appearence, that leads to a Fight

August 27, 2013 A fight between a Washington, D.C., drag queen and two women may have been motivated by transphobia. Bystanders did not attempt to stop the assault but instead took video and yelled encouragement, the performer says.

Heidi Glüm, a well-known drag performer whose real name is Miles DeNiro, said he was attacked Saturday night at a local after-hours pizza shop called Manny & Olgas, Queerty reports. The incident was caught on video later posted on World Star Hip Hop, a site that often features candid footage of brawls.

In a phone interview with The Huffington Post, DeNiro said the fight started after one of the two female attackers criticized his makeup. The verbal sparring quickly became physical.

“It started over some stupid, petty drunk girl drama,” DeNiro said.

In the video, one of the women repeats the phrase “That’s a man,” as another customer tells her to “beat [DeNiro’s] ass.”

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