Tari Turpin Shoots, Diamond Drummer Aubree Marshall and himself, on a PATH Train in New Jersey

August 25, 2013 New Jersey (WABC) –  A shooting occured Sunday morning after a confrontation at the Pavonia PATH station in Jersey City.

The initial incident happened on a moving train and then spilled out onto the platform of the station.

The person behind the terror, police say, forced everyone to run for their lives. Tari Turpin allegedly pulled out a 9 mm glock, and started shooting on board the PATH train.

Diamond Drummer was the first victim; Eyewitness News reporter Kemberly Richardson spoke with the 24-year-old just hours after she’d been shot.

“I’m just drowsy and in pain,” said Diamond.

Diamond was riding the train with her brother Antoine, Aubree Marshall and several other friends. The train was pulling into the Newport station just after 5am. Turpin was sitting right next to Diamond.

“She said ‘excuse me sir, you’re bumping me’, and he got upset,” said the victim’s mother, Dawn Watson-Drummer.

The group began arguing, and that is when Antoine said Turpin stood up and pulled out a gun.

“He pulled his gun out, cocked it, my son began negotiating with him,” said Dawn.

Turpin was cooperative until Aubree said one last thing.

“He said, to him ‘who pulls a gun on a girl, what kind of man pulls a gun on a girl’,” adds Dawn.

Turpin then allegedly began firing his gun.

Aubree was hit with a bullet in his hand, while Diamond was shot in the ankle.

“As he was leaving, running away from the train, he shot back, and I was hit and so was my friend Aubree,” says Diamond, “I wasn’t necessarily afraid because I had no control either way.”

Somehow, Turpin ended up shooting himself in the leg, Dawn is praying her daughter will be okay.

“She studies ballet, she may never dance again, we don’t know what her story is,” added Dawn.

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