Black Suspect, Demetries Thorpe, Charged With Murder of, 5-month-old Joshua Summeries,

August 25,2013 Zion Illinois (CBS2) – The boyfriend of the mother of a missing Chicago-area child has been charged with murder and ordered held on $5 million bond in the case.

Demetries Thorpe, 26, of Zion, Ill., was charged Saturday with first-degree murder in connection with the disappearance of 5-month-old Joshua Summeries, who was last seen early Wednesday, NBC Chicago reports.

Police say Thorpe confessed to killing the boy and putting his body in a backpack, which he disposed of in a dumpster, according to the Daily Herald. Prosecutors say Thorpe was shown throwing the backpack in a dumpster in surveillance footage they obtained.

Thorpe was first apprehended and questioned by police sometime early Wednesday evening.

Meanwhile, the search continues for Joshua and has zeroed in on one area within a massive landfill facility on Green Bay Road in Zion, the Chicago Tribune reports. The landfill is located about 10 minutes from the boy’s home.

Zion Police Chief Wayne Brooks said Thursday evening “there’s a chance the baby could have been harmed or worse.”

Anyone with information should contact the Zion Police Department at (847) 872-8000.

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