Atheists Detonated an IED, at War Memorial Cross, in Coos Bay Oregon


August 25, 2013 Coos Bay Oregon (KCBY) – Someone detonated an improvised explosive device at a war memorial overnight, the Coos Bay Police Department.

The Vietnam Memorial featuring a cross came under criticism from a group opposed to religious symbols on public property.

The memorial has since been vandalized by people both in favor of and against keeping the memorial.

The explosion prompted the City of Coos Bay to delay an upcoming meeting regarding the memorial.

Police said Friday that parks personnel reported “criminal mischief” at the memorial, possibly from an IED.

Oregon State Police explosive specialists responded the park from their Central Point office to investigate, police said.

North Coos 911 received several reports of a loud noise in the area of Coos Bay City Hall and Mingus Park, according to police. Police officers responded to that area at the time and were unable to find anyone in the area or anything out of ordinary.

Parks employees reported the criminal mischief just before 9 a.m. Friday morning.

Police ask anyone with information on the explosion or who may have seen anything suspicious in the Mingus Park area between 11 p.m. Thursday and 1 a.m. Friday to call the Coos Bay Police Department at 541-269-8911 or Coos Stop Crime at 541-267-6666.

Press release from the City of Coos Bay

The August 27th special meeting of the Coos Bay City Council regarding the status of the Vietnam War Memorial in Mingus Park had been postponed.

While a new date has not been determined, we want to give law enforcement time to investigate the most recent incident of criminal mischief at the site of the memorial.  In addition, as these types of senseless acts only serve to aggravate a highly emotionally charged issue, the Council will wait a few weeks before discussing the status of the memorial.

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