Etta Edwards Sentenced for Stealing Thousands from Her Occupation, in Greene County Alabama

August 24, 2013 Greene County Alabama (ABC3340) –  Former Greene County Circuit Clerk Etta Edwards was sentenced to prison Thursday afternoon.

Edwards was sentenced to 10 years – two years in prison and eight years on probation – for stealing over $130,000 while she was in office.

She was taken into custody following her sentencing at the Greene County Courthouse. Edwards was transported to the Greene County Jail awaiting transport to Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women.

Edwards served as Greene County’s circuit clerk from January of 2007 until she lost the 2012 Democratic Primary.  She left office in January.

She was found guilty in June.

Edwards was also ordered to pay restitution for the exact amount of money she stole while in office when she is released from jail.

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