Troy Oakes and Ricky Rivers will be Charged with Armed Robbery and Carjacking.


August 23, 2013 Farmington Hills, Michigan (WXYZ7) –  Latoy Brocks was shaken up as she took the stand inside 47th District  Court, still terrorized by what happened a month ago.

Close to 3:00am on July 11 th,  she was on her lunch break and told the court she pulled her SUV into a parking spot at Dunkin Doughnuts near 8 Mile and Grandriver in Farmington Hills.

The victim, who works at Botsford Hospital, testified someone tapped on her window with a gun.

Brocks said the suspect, took her hospital badge, purse, and cell phone.

She told the court the carjacker, drove her into a dark parking lot across the street in her own vehicle while a silver Malibu followed.

Brocks said she was ordered to get out of her SUV and told to get inside the Malibu where another driver was waiting.

“I noticed he was not following me… I ran,” said Brocks.

Several witnesses testified in this preliminary hearing – including two detectives.

One investigator told the court he tracked down Brock’s SUV to a funeral home in Detroit where arrests were made using a GPS.

The 17-year-old suspects, Troy Oakes and his cousin Ricky Rivers sat inside Judge Marla Parker’s courtroom with blank faces.

Detectives testified both men confessed to the crime.

The judge ruled the teens will go to trial as adults and have been charged with several crimes including Armed Robbery and Carjacking.

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