Russell Dixon Speaks Out About Black Youths, Beating his 13 Year-Old-Son, On A School Bus


August 23, 2013 Gulfport Florida (ABCACTIONNEWS) – Police said the the 13-year-old went to to teachers, after the older boys tried to sell him Marijuana at Lealman Intermediate School. Dixon questions the actions of school officials after his son went to them for help.

“The incident from July 9 is unacceptable and extremely upsetting. The Pinellas County School district strives to create safe environments for students, and the district does not tolerate violent behavior at schools or on school buses. In regards to the comments you told me about, every student disciplinary matter is different and the actions a school will take depends on the circumstances of each situation. The district is reviewing the incident to see if there are any areas that can be improved upon.”

The teens are expected back in court next week, where two are expected to get probation, a third faces additional charges for allegedly stealing from Dixon’s son. But Dixon wonders if this punishment is enough.

Russell Dixon’s eyes are puffy from crying and worry. In an exclusive interview with ABC Action News, he said just thinking about what happened to his son makes him sick.

“I just get a knot in my stomach and I start crying, I can’t help it,” said Dixon.

That’s why he can’t bring himself to watch the video, that horrified people throughout the country.

“Its just too much for me to watch it, it would upset me too much. It would keep me up at night,” said Dixon.

In the video, his son is helplessly trying to defend himself from a flurry of punches and kicks.

Gulfport Police said the three 15-year-olds captured on video, broke his son’s arm and left him covered in bruises.

“When he called and told me, I could tell something was wrong. he said, ‘they broke my arm dad, they broke my arm,'” recalled Dixon, crying again.

“He’s resilient, but you could tell something’s wrong with him emotionally and I don’t know what to say or do about that you know?”

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