Glenn Beck: America, a Repeat of Roman History. Fall of the Roman Empire


August 21, 2013 The Glenn Beck Show (THE BLAZE) – Glenn Beck correlates the historical events of Rome, with contemporary America. He presents how Historical events with Islam, Liberalism and Decadence, would lead to Rome’s Doom.

The history is there. The danger of Islam is there. The dangerous of Communism is here. And the persecution of Christians, Absolute Truths and Freedom are becoming more obvious.

There is a correlation between the persecution of Christians with the downfall of a Nation. As Atheism, Evil and False religions grow, Absolute Truth, Morals and Light, Fade. A stunning correlation is properly observed by historical and contemporary comparisons, if you look at the events logically with no bias. To the atheist, this will show, some evidence they have been looking for. That is if the Atheist is looking for truth. If you have your own truth, this investigation is not for you.

Fall of the Roman Empire
Glenn and Buck discuss similarities between the fall of the Roman Empire and today

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