White Women are Arming themselves against Minority Violence, in Chicago Illinois

August 20, 2013 Chicago Illinois – (FOX32NEWS) – Chicago violence has people around Illinois giving serious thought to buying a gun for protection, especially now that conceal carry is legal in the state.

Thousands of people will seek out applications from the police, and there are a lot of ladies who say they want to be locked and loaded.

Hundreds of people told FOX 32 News on the FOX Chicago News Facebook page that they plan to buy a gun.

FOX 32’s Anita Padilla spoke with one woman, Lisa Dattoo, who’s been attacked twice. She’s a travel home health care nurse and a mother. She feels that she needs to take a pro-active role in protecting herself, even though she’s never owned a gun before.

SEE: Should you buy a gun for protection? FOX 32 takes an in-depth look

FOX 32 News is not advocating the use of guns or telling you to go out and buy one. It’s a very personal decision that should not be made in haste. In fact, some people never even thought about using a gun for safety until something terrible happened.

Karen Bartuche is a trained police officer who also teaches civilians in firearms. She said training with your own gun is key.

But anyone who has ever had to walk up to gun counter to buy their first gun knows – the choices are endless. For women, the process can be overwhelming and intimidating. The caliber, the make, the model, the ammunition – there are many decisions to make, and each of those decisions should be an informed one. How do you know which one to choose?

Bartuche advises new owners to do their homework and find what works for them.

All week long, Good Day Chicago will delve into this subject.

While the Illinois State Police website will provide gun owners with the facts about the law on conceal carry, it doesn’t break down some of the more specific things first-timers need to consider.

For women, it’s a question of where you hide the gun so others don’t know you have one and whether you could really pull the trigger and take someone their life.

If you do pull the trigger, are you prepared for the ramifications? A police investigation and the hiring of a lawyer to defend you through the process will follow if you do take a life.

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