Two Black Suspects Caught Stealing a Vehicle in Houston Texas

Две черные Подозреваемых поймали на краже автомобиля в Хьюстоне Техас

August 20, 2013, Houston Texas (KHOU) – Police said two home burglary suspects in a stolen car led them on a brief chase in midtown early Tuesday.

An officer with the Houston Police Department spotted the suspects on Allen Parkway around 3 a.m. When he tried to pull them over, the driver refused and went eastbound, police said.

Eventually the suspects’ vehicle got stuck on a median while trying to turn into an apartment complex. The two men jumped out and were caught after a brief foot chase.

Police believe the men burglarized a home on Ruthven Street earlier in the morning. The homeowner said he found several large bags filled with his stuff inside the home as the suspects sped away.

Following the chase, one of the suspects was loaded into an ambulance to be treated for an apparent asthma attack. He told police he wasn’t involved in the burglary and that he didn’t know the guy driving the vehicle.

A neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified, said burglaries are a big issue in the area.

“The house next door, the one next door to me right here — so both of the ones on either side — the two on the corner,” said the neighbor. “It happens often.”

Burglary suspects lead police on chase through midtown

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