Terrell Cowherd Stabbed to Death, by a Black Suspect, in Greenville Texas

August 17, 2013 Dallas Texas (WFAA) – The final moments of Terrell Cowherd’s life were spent trying to break up a fight outside the club where he had been hanging out on Friday night.

According to Dallas police, Cowherd, 26, was inside Club Kush in the 2000 block of Greenville Avenue along with his girlfriend and an old fraternity brother.

The fight broke out in the street, near the intersection of Greenville and Sears Street, just outside Club Kush and across from the new Trader Joe’s grocery store about 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police said Cowherd and most of the other patrons of Club Kush went outside when altercation began. Cowherd stepped forward to try to break it up, police said.

Cowherd was known for being a leader, and police said he was trying to “de-escalate an issue.”

The fatal encounter was captured by surveillance video cameras.

“He has a posture with his hands up,” said Dallas police spokesman Maj. Jeff Cotner. “He is a Good Samaritan, trying to get everyone to rationalize and go about their business.”

Witnesses said words were exchanged between Cowherd and a shirtless man. Within moments, Cowherd was being attacked.

He was punched and stabbed by the bare-chested suspect while an accomplice held him down.

Police arrested 23-year-old Jerry Brown about a block away. He had lacerations on his hands. Police said he admitted he restrained Cowherd and beat him, while the still-unidentified suspect stabbed him.

“The guy who eventually ended up doing the stabbing, his friend came in and grabbed the guy and was like holding him back and dragging him backwards while the other guy was stabbing him in the side,” said witness Will Perrin.

Brown has been charged with murder and is jailed on a $250,000 bond.

Police describe the suspected killer as about 5′-9″, with tattoos of wings on his shoulder blades.

Police said a third, also unidentified person of interest might have been involved, and it’s possible they fled in a white sedan, perhaps a Cadillac. Investigators are uncertain of the make and model.

Maj. Cotner said Cowherd just moved to Dallas about a year ago. “He was a scholar in college, a peer leader,” Cotner said.

Cowherd was a Prairie View A&M University graduate and a budding engineer.

Anyone with information about the incident or the suspects should contact Dallas police as soon as possible. Detectives also want to hear from witnesses. They know several people shot video and photos on their cell phones, and they are asking those people to share their footage with DPD.

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