Shirley Fair School board president admits to shoplifting air fresheners, in Clarksdale Mississippi


August 16, 2013 – Clarksdale Mississippi  (WMC-TV) – A Clarksdale Municipal School District board president turned herself into authorities Thursday after admitted to shoplifting three air fresheners from Fred’s Super Dollar, according to the Clarksdale police report.

Shirley Fair is well known in Clarksdale, Mississippi as president of the city school board and a former candidate for county supervisor. She was arrested for shoplifting on Thursday. She took three air fresheners, put them in her purse, and walked out without paying.

“It was shocking, Mrs. Fair’s a sweet lady, I’ve known her all my life,” said Clarksdale resident Stacy Johnson. “I mean people make mistakes.”

The board leader admitted to stealing $15 dollars worth of air fresheners from Fred’s Super Dollar, according to the report.

“She must have a problem then. It’s a reason for everything that somebody does and something as simple as air fresheners,” said resident Callie Davis.

Johnson said she would not rush to judgment, but does not believe Fair should be making decisions for the schools until the matter is resolved.

“I think maybe she should just let someone else handle all that until all that is settled,” she said.

Others believe allegations like shoplifting set a bad example for the youth Clarksdale teachers are trying to reach.

You know, in order to educate our kids we need to lead by example,”

Fair bonded out for the misdemeanor shoplifting charge. Only convicted felons have to be removed from that type of position. Fair’s sister said the family had no comment.

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