Health worker; stabbed 25 times in the face by Keyon Johnston – because he didn’t get his Nicorette gum


August 16, 2013 Fitchburg Massachusetts (WCVBtv) – A Community Healthlink worker was stabbed in the face by a client he was driving home from appointments on Wednesday, according to police. The driver was stabbed with a box cutter.

He was able to make it to the lobby of Fitchburg Police Headquarters on Elm Street. The victim was taken by ambulance to HealthAlliance Hospital — Leominster Campus, where he received 22 stitches.

Police arrested Keyon Johnston, 31, of 49 Fox St., and he is scheduled to be arraigned today on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (box cutter) and mayhem in Fitchburg District Court.

Lt. Kevin M. O’Brien said the incident occurred just after 3 on Wednesday afternoon. The 36-year-old Community Healthlink worker had picked up Mr. Johnston for a scheduled appointment and to run some errands.

The worker was driving Mr. Johnston home when Mr. Johnston apparently became agitated, police said. “All because he didn’t get his Nicorette gum,” Lt. O’Brien said.

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