NAACP wants Robert E. Lee portrait removed – Lee County Florida


August 14, 2013 Lee County Florida (WINKSTV) – Pendergrass, who said Monday he didn’t have a position on the removal of Lee’s portrait, said after the commission meeting was concluded that he could not see that happening.

Pendergrass added he has received an overwhelming support from the community for the county to keep the portrait in place.

Nobody from the NAACP spoke at Tuesday’s meeting. Local President James Muwakill on Monday said his group would meet with the state NAACP before moving ahead with what kind of protests.

Shellie Weber, 83, second vice president for the local chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, said that though her group tries to keep a low profile, talk of having the portrait removed was enough to motivate them to come out.

“When it comes to something that we feel that we own, our heritage, we have to come forward and say something,” she said. Weber added if the NAACP stages a boycott, then her the organization will support the county.

“We will be there to enforce our opinion,” she said. “We will do everything in our power to keep (the portrait) there.”

Weber, Fyock and others stressed the portrait was not an issue of racism. “The war was not about slavery,” Weber said.

Added Fyock: “The portrait is there to honor the county that’s named for him.”

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