Charles Anthony Jones Holds Gun to Childs Head – Pistol Whips White Woman

August 14, 2013 – Sanford Florida (weshtv) – a Sanford salon owner and her two young daughters being pushed to the ground by an armed robber.

Police said the video shows Charles Anthony Jones enter Inez Rodriguez’ salon in July.

Rodriguez said she turned to turn off music when Jones demanded money and put a gun to the back of her 5-year-old daughter Lauren’s head.

Rodriguez said she offered him phones, iPads and a computer, but he only wanted cash.

Video shows the man put the gun under Rodriguez’ chin and throw her and Lauren to the ground.

The man started punching Rodriguez after she was on the ground.

Her other daughter, 8-year-old Tamara, ran out of the store, but the man chased after her and threw the girl back into the store and onto the ground.

Police said Jones grabbed the Rodriguez’ purse with her home and business keys inside and left.

Rodriguez said police should have picked up the evidence sooner and said she’s lived in fear for the past month.

“Save my babies, and that’s it,” Rodriguez said.

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