Muslim Media (AlJazeera) Defends/Misinforms – the Illegal Activities, of Unlawful Immigration into Russia.


August 13, 2013, Moscow Russia (AlJazeeraEnglish) The Illegals were Smuggled in by Companies for Cheap labor. The mayor of Moscow with the overwhelming will of the people for close borders — demanded the detention of these illegals within their country.

AlJazeera is a far-leftist media company, which intentionally spreads pro-globalism/communism. They have been vehemently opposed to National Sovereignty within any westernized country (unless it’s a Muslim country). AlJazeera, like CNN and other Far-Left media outlets, perpetrate the Globalist-Egalitarian myths for their own political gain.

AlJazeera has misinformed the events which really transpired in Moscow. I have been watching this case, closely – from Pravda and other Russian News Organizations. The Russia Government has taken extreme efforts in aiding illegals – who came in under a scam by shifty business owners. The illegal operations by the company owners brought in these illegals for cheaper labor. The Russians abhor it, because it leaves them without work — drives down their wages and creates too much competition for jobs.

Let’s not recognize the illegals were working in sweat shops. Terrible conditions as it was, AlJazeera would have you believe that sweatshops are better than application to a countries laws.

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