Bus Driver, Randy Scott; Assaulted and Shot by Martin Duckworth – Duckworth dies in Hospital

August 13, 2013 Seattle Wasington ( WFAA8NEWS) Metro Transit bus driver, Deloy Dupuis, was well enough to leave the hospital and return home Monday night, just hours after being shot.

“I am glad he is okay. I am sorry he had to put up with being shot, but I am glad he is okay,” said fellow bus driver Robert Whitehurst.

Police described ten terrifying minutes in downtown Seattle, that started with the bus driver being shot and ended with the suspect being shot.

According to Seattle police, just before 9 a.m. the bus driver on Route 27 encountered an angry passenger, who when asked to pay the fare rushed the driver hitting him and shooting him at least twice with a revolver. The suspect reportedly ran, trying unsuccessfully to hijack others vehicles before getting on a second bus, all while being chased by police. Police said the suspect pointed his weapon toward officers and officers fired back. The alleged gunman was hit and rushed to the hospital.

According to Harborview, the suspect, Martin Duckworth, died there a short time later.

Dupuis’ sister told King 5 it was a scary day. She said her brother was shot in the cheek and the arm. She described him as a great brother and great bus driver.

Metro Transit said the bus driver injured has been working for them for 14 years.

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