Ban/Boycott the Movie; The Butler. Insults Southern, White People


August 13, 2013 Hollywood California (filmisnowhollywood) – Lee Daniel’s The Butler is strictly a movie about racial politics that starts in the 1920s and ends with the election of Barack Obama. The election of Barack Obama is supposed to show how much America has changed for the better. According to write ups about the movie, the main characters are excited about voting for Obama, not because he is the good choice for president, but because he is black.

Based on reviews and the statements of Lee Daniel’s himself, the movie is a hard-core pro-Barack Obama film. It also justifies the monolithic race-based voting patterns of black Americans. The Washington Post also describes it as being anti-Southern.

Director Lee Daniel’s says he only cast white actors who are political activists, and clearly he means far-left political activists. Two of the white stars are “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, and co-founder of the Workers Revolutionary Party of the United Kingdom Vanessa Redgrave.

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