Everyone in America; is being forced to Pay for LGBT Lifestyle Costs

August 11, 2013 – (Geraldo at Large) – Ann Coulter; The behaviors that liberals approve of, they will not stigmatize,” Ann Coulter once again explained. “Illegitimacy, they are very upset Bloomberg is stigmatizing. Sodomy… they won’t stigmatize. But smoking… if we’re looking at it for health costs, there are plenty of other things.”

Coulter was not having any of it. She tore into Bloomberg by suggesting we just be done with it already and “have a death penalty for smokers,” before changing the subject to the negative behaviors that liberals are unwilling to stigmatize, such as illegitimate birth.

17 U.S.C. § 107

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One thought on “Everyone in America; is being forced to Pay for LGBT Lifestyle Costs

  1. The difference is that liberals look to harm. Does the behaviour harm the person? Does it inconvenience others? Smoking- the answer to both questions is “yes”, and so it is deprecated. Same sex love- the answer is “No”, so it should not be. Deontological ethics, looking to rules, only makes sense if the rules chosen have some link to reality. Deprecating something which does no harm is silly.

    With birth outside marriage, the question is more complex. It may be better for a child to be brought up by two parents, but what will encourage that family to flourish? Stigmatising certainly won’t.

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