Democrat, Bill de Blasio; using Race and Class-Warfare in his campaign ad – Communism


August 21, 2013 New York – (NYForDeBlasio), On his campaign website Bill de Blasio describes himself as a “true progressive” and pledges to be a champion for interracial couples. Blasio attacks a white judge in Louisiana, claiming he should resign for expressing disapproval of miscegenation, even though de Blasio admits the worst racial abuse he has suffered has been at the hands of “African American teens.”

His website also boasts of an endorsement from ganster rap mogul Russel Simmons.

His new campaign ad promotes in your face class and race warfare. He calls for “taxing the wealthy” to provide welfare recipients with more section 8 housing and free daycare. He claims the NYPD is unfairly targeting “people of color.” The ad also explicitly draws attention to fact that de Blasio has bi-racial children.

De Blasio openly promotes racial animosity against white people in the ad while at the same time claiming he is promoting racial unity.

De Blasio’s website describes a Communist utopia that de Blasio would create by raising taxes on a vague group of people he calls “the wealthy.” De Blasio’s campaign website is the most race obsessed campaign site the staff of this website has ever seen. The website reminds the reader over and over and that de Blasio has a black wife and multi-racial children. He even brags about taking his wife and kids to their “ancestral homeland” of Ghana on vacation.

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