Two Black Suspects caught on home-video inside Woodlands Home – Houston Texas


August 6, 2013 Houston Texas – Video captured burglars that crept into a house, skulking around the furniture and scaring the cat, apparently making sure nobody was home.

One of them talked on a cell phone.  The other carried a gun.

Neither of them appears to have known he was on camera.

Surveillance video released by Montgomery County investigators clearly shows two men wearing gloves who broke into a home in the Cochran’s Crossing Village subdivision in The Woodlands.  Now investigators are asking for the public’s help catching the criminals.

The burglary happened around 9:45 on a Thursday morning, July 25.  It almost certainly would have attracted little attention, but for an unusually clear video showing the thieves creeping around the home’s living room.

The homeowners’ security precautions paid off, though somewhat belatedly.  One of the burglars had just begun pilfering jewelry in an upstairs bedroom when an alarm sounded.  The racket apparently frightened the thieves, who quickly ran out of the house.

Investigators said neighbors saw the burglars drive away in a two-door silver car with a large trunk.

“I’ve been here a long time in The Woodlands and that’s an oddity,” said Bill Chedsey, who lives in the same subdivision.

Other neighbors expressed surprise the crime happened in The Woodlands, a bucolic development where many former Houstonians moved to escape the concerns of inner city living.

“The people who live in The Woodlands tend to feel like we’re in a little bubble and we’re insulated from that kind of thing happening,” said Elise Eaton, another subdivision resident.  “And obviously, we’re not.

Anyone who recognizes the men shown in the surveillance video is asked to call Detective Amber Wilson with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 281-297-6510 or 936-760-5800 or  Crime Stoppers of Montgomery County at (800) 392-STOP. Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to a felony arrest or indictment.


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