Two Blacks Caught in the Act of a Drive-by Shooting – Saint Petersburg, Florida


August 5, 2013 Saint Petersburg Florida – Two Blacks are in custody after police say they were caught in the act in a drive-by shooting Sunday night.
It happened at a house on 23rd Avenue South in St. Petersburg.

There are bullet holes in the windows of the home and the back of an SUV out front was shot up.

“We believe there were about 7 or 8 rounds fired at the house,” said St. Pete police spokesperson Mike Puetz.

And a St. Petersburg police officer witnessed it all.

“He was probably stopped nearby doing some paperwork on a previous call. And just happened to be in the area
when the car pulled up. And of course we are assuming at this point that the folks that did the shooting didn’t
actually see him down there and were kind of surprised when they pulled up on him,” said Puetz.

Because officer Ryan Larson was there, he quickly pulled up behind the fleeing vehicle.

DelJuan McKensie, the accused shooter, was arrested along with the driver, believed to be his girlfriend Latoria Martin.

Police say two 9mm guns were found in the car.

Six people were inside the house when it was shot up, including a 7-year-old child. But other than some cuts from flying glass, no one was injured.

“Fortunately it all worked out for the best. And we got some pretty dangerous people off the street,” said Puetz.

Police are still investigating a motive for the shooting. No one at the home wanted to talk about what happened when ABC Action News stopped by Monday morning.


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